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We are a  LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED small business, yet we have the same capabilities to promote your property as any other broker in the area.  We also believe in having a fair and competitive commission structure (5% split evenly with the agent that brings the buyer - 4% if we are that agent). 

Plus, no extra broker fees - check out what most of the big box brokers are doing - charging buyers and sellers an extra fee at closing.


What is the key to selling a home quickly and for the most money?

  • Exceptional presentation

  • Aggressive marketing

  • Professional service and follow up

What do we mean by exceptional presentation?

Professional photography to showcase your home.  Remember, most buyers start on line and will use the pictures to determine if they want to view your property.  Digitally enhanced photos taken by experienced photographers makes a big difference.   We believe in show casing your home with 20-25 photos, enough to get the buyers attention quickly, but not enough to be overwelming.   Most potential buyers are doing their own searches and the first few photos are the most critical.  We will keep photos updated seasonally, making sure the listing presentation is fresh. 

Video and virtual tours to show off the best features of your property and surroundings.  We have various software solutions to make interesting and engaging property videos.  We add live video where applicable to make the presentation more interesting and to catch the buyer's attention.   Listings with video also tend to get more buyer views and better placement on many real estate sites.  We also have access to drone photography and video when applicable.  

 Interactive Floor Plan for 4440 N Spider Lake Road.     Mapleton Lane             745 Lake George Trail      Gills Pier Vineyard

Detailed marketing packets. We compile all the information a buyer or their agent may want and put it in an electronic file that is on line.  We also have a booklet at the property, along with oversized postcards showing the best features of your property.  This information can be sent electronically to a buyer or agents phone via a text code system.  Just trying to make it easy for everyone.

How do we market your property on line?

We have many great systems in place to market your property nationally and locally - both are very important to finding the right buyer.  Also, as the broker/owner, I personally oversee all marketing and as a smaller brokerage, we have FULL CONTROL over our content and presentation.  We do not rely on someone from a corporate office to mass publish our listings. 


Third party listing sites:   Our listings go out to hundreds of sites, including Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homes, the National Brokerages and all the agent sites.  As with most brokers, we use Listhub to submit our listings to the largest third party aggregators.   We also use Realbird  to submit listings to additional third party sites. We have a direct feed to Zillow and Trulia through the MLS.    Over 90% of views from third party sites comes from Zillow, Trulia, and (including the sites they directly feed) and we go in and enhance these listings and verify the information.  We want to make sure that your home is properly represented where the public is really looking.

Video/Virtual tours We will take live video of your Traverse City area home and surrounding area to again show off the best features of your home and area.  We also utilize software to create virtual tours using the video and still photos and upload this to our YouTube channel.   Listings with video links tend to get more buyer visibility on line.   Youtube videos also show up well on search engines  (Youtube is owned by Google). 

Single Property Web Sites:  Traverse North Realty uses the Realbird marketing system to help sell your property.   We create a single property website that is also mobile enhanced.  This site also can be reached by a smart phone using the text code option.   We feel this is much better than a paper flyer box and promote this code on our signs and literature.   Potential buyers using the text code will be sent a link to the property listing for future review.  From there, they can view all the features of your property and easily contact us with questions.  Text TN4 to 231-225-4140 to try it our or click here to see an example.

Local Websites:   Real Estate is still a local business and our two main sites, and are designed with the buyer in mind and are easy to navigate.   These are custom built sites, not a cheap template or a page on a brokerage site, designed to attract potential buyers focusing on our region. features listings within a 60 mile radius of Traverse City.  Again, buyers do not want to search through thousands of listings and want to focus on the geographical area of interest.

  • Our listings show up first on all of our sites
  • Our custom mobile versions of our main sites can actually detect where  you are located and show you nearby listings
  • Featured listing page for additional promotion.  This page includes all the key documents, including tax information/marketing packet
  • Area information, buyers tools, other resources - keeping our potential buyers interested in our sites

We also own  Although this site is newer, our goal is to make this the go to site for the Traverse City area.  Our listings are featured on the home page of this site  (rotating with each visit).                            

Social Media:  We have business Facebook pages for Old Mission Real Estate , the Arbutus Triangle and Traverse North Realty.   We also have a YouTube Channel for both companies, along with Pinterest and Google+ accounts.   Our goal is to be able to communicate and promote our listings and information with as many people as possible.

We use paid and targeted Facebook ads for all new listings, open houses and listing changes to reach a wide audiance.

Professional service and follow up

We have a full time licensed office manager to support our listings, marketing and showings. 

Our phone messages are emailed and texted to each owner and office manager 24/7.   Between us, someone is available almost every day and most evenings. 

As a past automotive quality engineer, I learned quickly to resolve problems successfully and quickly.  16 years dealing with Ford, GM and Peterbilt as a teir 2 or 3 supplier taught me the importance of trying to eliminate issues up front, tracking key objectives and resolving any issues immediately.


Thank you for considering us   

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 Ken Weaver