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Little Traverse Wheel Way

The Little Traverse Wheel Way


This trail has actually been around since the turn of the century, but has now been improved and paved for everyones enjoyment.  It starts at Waller Road in Charlevoix Township, just north of Charlevoix.  It is a total of 23 miles and runs along the highway, Little Traverse Bay, through parts of Petoskey and features some of the best bay views anywhere.   Most of the trail is paved 8 to 10 feet wide or goes through town on 6 ft wide sidewalks.   It is somewhat flat and easy to ride, but there are some areas with mild hills and it tends to gain and lose elevation over long stretches.  None of it is difficult to ride, however, there is enough variation to keep any level biker interested.  The trail is strictly non motorized and allows bikes, walkers and roller blades.

The trail starts at Waller Road -North of Charleviox (Shananhan Park) and winds along the highway for a while.  There is a 2/3 mile boardwalk through some wetlands, then you start to see the views of Little Traverse Bay.  There are a couple MDOT roadside facilities that have water and picnic areas (also available for parking).  The bay views from the roadside parks are terrific and you may even find some petoskey stones along the way.  


The trail then goes through the Five mile Bay Harbor area, starting with West Park and ending at East Park.  This is the most scenic part of the trail and has exceptional views and numerous stopping points along the way.   You can drop down into the Bay Harbor Village, which includes the Harbor, dining, shopping and many other attractions.  Our favorite spot is " Just knot a Bar", right outside the Harbor.    Remember that the climb back to the trail is all uphill!  You can access many areas or Petoskey for dining and shopping.  

Bay Harbor ViewBay Harbor EntranceKnot Just a BarLittle Traverse Wheel Way through Bay Harbor


From East Park, the trail goes through Magnus Park and Petoskey Bayfront Park.   Travel through these areas is a little slower with lots of activities goingd on.   You can access the Petoskey Business Disctrict from here for dining and shopping.   Parking can be found at the Creek Trailhead behind Glenns and at the Bayfront Park.   The trail proceeds through the scenic Bayview area, home to some historic Victorian cottages, then heads towars M-119

Bear River in PetoskeyRail TrailLittle Traverse Bay

From Petoskey, the trail goes along M-119 and runs through some commericial areas and past Petoskey State Park.  You end up in Harbor Springs, finishing off a very nice bike ride.  Parking at this end of the trail is loacted at Spring Lake Park, LIttle Traverse Township Park and Hoyt Street Community Park.   We hope this information is helpful and if you ever need any assistance in your Northern Michigan real estate needs, let us know.