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Frozen Pipes

Contractors that can help with frozen pipes in the Traverse City area

Wheelock and Sons

Jesse Flemming
Matt's Underground Utilities  (Uses steam)
City of Traverse City Homes

2650 Lafranier Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686


During deep freezes, the City of Traverse City has a list of homes that need to keep their water running.  This means a steady pencil sized stream, not a drip.  Please not that if the city is calling for certain homes to run water, they will adjust your bill.  If you do receive a "run water" notice, please make sure to follow this.

Shallow wells and cottage style homes

Many older cottages and lakefront homes have shallow wells with well pits.  It is critical to keep these insulated and have a plumber install some type of heater to the pump house.  Also, often the water lines are not run deep enough for our harsh winters.  Snow cover helps, but often there will be an area shoveled over a water line.  When you have this type of well, it is critical to run your water during cold nights and especially if you leave for a period of time and are not running water consistently.